Civil Aviation Sector

Among the developments in the 21st century, the most noteworthy are the ones at civil aviation sector. Because fast and safe transportation is one of the most important elements of modern life today. One of the fundamental elements of modern life, in which time and safe travel become more valuable every day, is air transportation. Although only one century passed after the first motor flights of Wright Brothers in 1903, the current situation involves tens of thousands of airplanes, thousands of airports, hundreds of airline companies, millions of flights annually, and billions of passengers. This unbelievable improvement continues every day, and civil air transportation becomes more important among other transportation alternatives.
In accordance with the developments in global aviation, private sector was granted the right to operate civil airports and airline companies in 1983 in Turkey and thus civil aviation sector had gone into a process of development.   Thanks to the subvention policies executed in 2000s, good and service variety had increased rapidly and there has literally been a breakthrough in the last decade. These developments were reflected onto the education sector, and the number and quality of higher education institutions of civil aviation began to soar. By 2015 the overall structure of Civil Aviation Sector in Turkey could be summarized as follows:

  • Totally 55 airports,
  • Totally 159 aviation companies, 13 of which are airline companies,
  • Totally 1347 aircrafts, 489 of which belong to airline companies,
  • 45 flight and type training institutions, 75 maintenance centers,
  •  46 ground services companies; 3 of which offer all services in airports and the rest offer services of representation-supervision-management, flight operation, airplane line maintenance, catering, etc.
  • The number of higher education institutions that provide qualified staff is increasing rapidly.